Welcome to BackCountry Bird Dogs

Our Training Philosophy


Here at BackCountry Bird Dogs we are, most importantly, bird dog trainers.  We specialize in a focused    training program that encourages dogs to establish an understanding to learned behaviors to become a proficient and tempered bird dog while maintaining a natural sense of belonging as a member of a pack.  Our program also instills the principle of utilizing a dog’s natural instincts, such as prey drive or prey chase, which allows each dog to re engage their innate reactions to hunt.  We believe in training dogs in a low stress environment, building off of learned behavior rather than pressuring a dog.  Backcountry Bird Dog Training is based around a comprehensive program that will develop a dog to its’ fullest potential.

Dogs have inherent instincts for a prey drive and through continued training a dog can develop learned behaviors to each and every command.  This results in a confident and reliable Bird Dog that is well mannered and adept in the field.

BackCountry Bird Dogs advocates that dogs are not machines nor are they human.  We recommend that owners allow their dogs to be dogs.  There is no reason to transpose humanistic traits or behaviors on to them; they are a completely different animal with different priorities.  BackCountry Bird Dogs establishes a strong foundation in communication so both the owner and dog can reach the fullest potential in the field.

That’s why we encourage owners to be a member of their dog family and also become a leader in the pack.  This is an important detail to managing one or      more dogs in the field.  If an owner shifts into a leadership role, the dogs will maintain their training better if they have an owner that they consider part of their pack.

Our Mission

Training a bird dog is a serious task that requires a great level of involvement for both the dog and the owner.  In order to create a working relationship between the two it is important to develop respect and honor among the pack so each hunting dog regards their owner with trust.  The foundation for this begins with consistency.  Every dog will learn how their behavior and that of their owner are interconnected.  Important also, for the owner to maintain the terms of the relationship so a hunting dog can rely on the commands and trust of their owner to help them hunt.

For a dog to reach their fullest potential as a bird dog it is essential to be commanding as a leader but not intimidating.  BackCountry Bird Dogs advocates a strong awareness of partnership with their hunting dogs, so each dog is a part of the team and not a tool of convenience.  BackCountry Bird Dogs honors the relationship between an owner and his dog and individuals will receive exceptional training to take with them into the field with their companions.  To learn more, contact Chris.